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How To Maintain Proper Pool Circulation

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Proper pool circulation is one of the crucial components of swimming pool maintenance. Pools with the right kind and amount of circulation never experience problems such as algae blooms or water getting dirty and cloudy. However, pool circulation is sometimes being overlooked. Fortunately, few changes in maintenance routines and the following ways to maintain proper pool circulation can help ensure that water moves constantly.

Positioning the Jets

Having multidirectional jets play an essential role in achieving better water circulation since they enable you to identify the direction of the water that returns to the swimming pool. It would be best to point these jets in a direction that tends to spin water into the pool. This usually means directing them to produce water downward, contrary to the pool skimmer’s direction. Such setup aids in mixing the water under the pool with water on the surface for better circulation.

Cleaning the Filter

Regular filter cleaning is necessary to avoid clogs that can potentially back up the pool’s filtration system. So, get rid of the pool filter cartridges and clean the filter tank. When it comes to the cartridge filter, you need to turn the pump off and keep the air bleed valves open. This will result in draining the port, so water also drains from the filter housing.

Over time, chemicals and debris tend to build up, and without thorough cleaning, the pool filters get clogged and become less functional. Cleaning the filter is crucial since this plays an essential role in proper pool circulation.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your pool regularly is a vital step in improving its circulation. Take time to remove algae, dirt, and debris clinging to surfaces so that the filter can eliminate them from the pool water. Brushing the pool once a week and regular vacuuming are also effective ways of maintaining proper pool circulation.

Allowing Robot Cleaners to Maintain your Pool

Taking time to relax and enjoy by the pool is an excellent way of cooling off. However, maintaining the pool can be a less refreshing routine. The great thing is that automatic swimming pool cleaners are now available to keep your pool in great shape while saving yourself from the hassle and stress of cleaning.

A robotic swimming pool cleaner is one of the leaders in pool cleaning technology. Regardless of your pool's shape, size, and type, nothing really works like it. That’s because it can suck up debris and dirt and even scrub the walls and floor, leaving you with clean pool water. With robot swimming pool cleaners, you can now have more fun swimming. Plus, the usual time spent cleaning the pool is significantly reduced. Therefore, investing in these products is a smart move if you are a pool owner.

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