Off-Roading Safety: 5 Ways to Keep Yourself and Your Possessions Safe

  • Written by Lilly Miller

There are many adventure activities you can enjoy in the upcoming summer season, and one of the most exciting adventures on the menu is definitely off-roading. Taking your car off the beaten track and across natural terrains is not only exciting and adrenaline-inducing, it’s also an amazing way to have an unforgettable outdoor adventure out there in the great outdoors. However, it’s important to note that part of the allure here and the adrenaline-inducing thrill lies in the inherent dangers of off-roading.

After all, you’re not simply driving about and enjoying the scenery, you’re traversing inhospitable terrain and you might find yourself in a precarious situation if you’re not careful. Still, this is one of the best adventures that all fully vaccinated travelers and those who are not vaccinated can take in 2021, because it will take you away from the crowds and the dangers of the pandemic.

Here are the most important tips you need to follow to keep yourself, your car, and your valuables safe when you’re off-roading this summer season.

Inspect your car thoroughly

First and foremost, don’t even consider embarking on this adventure before you’ve had your vehicle inspected by a certified car mechanic. Make sure to find a reliable automotive shop in your area that specializes in all mechanical services, with trained professionals who can inspect your vehicle inside and out. No matter how much you may know and love cars, and therefore know how to inspect your own vehicle, this time you want to get a second opinion.

This adventure warrants extra caution and preparation, because if you miss one tiny thing, you could put yourself and the other passengers in serious danger. What’s more, the right car mechanic will use specialized computer systems to uncover any hidden issues with your vehicle that you simply can’t see with the naked eye. This may end up saving your life as you’re traversing the rugged terrains somewhere off the beaten path.

Put your valuables in a portable safe

Wherever you’re going, and no matter the type of terrain you plan on traversing, you have to bring certain valuables with you. Things like your phone, your wallet and documentation, your insurance policies, and more. The last thing you want is to simply leave these valuables in the glove compartment. For one, there's no way to ensure road trip safety even when you’re not off-roading, but when you are, these valuables can go missing or get stolen in a flash.

Don’t risk losing your valuables whenever you park your car or set up camp, or even as you’re bouncing around in your car trying to go over a hill that you were obviously supposed to go around. Yes, it will happen. Instead, make sure everything is safely and neatly packed in a travel-size portable safe that you can carry around with you, and secure in place with ease.

Having the right car insurance is a must

No matter where you’re off-roading in the world, you need to have a good car insurance policy to protect your car and your wallet against various unpleasant scenarios. Should you get into an accident or a scrape, should anything go wrong with your car on and off the road, you want to avoid paying out-of-pocket for any repairs.

A great example is how off-roading is handled in Australia. Over there, off-roading is extremely popular, especially in the outback, which is why insurers offer personalised car insurance to accommodate the needs of adventurers and cover them in every eventuality. Whether you’re off-roading in the US, the Land Down Under, or anywhere in the world, use this example to find a reliable car insurer in your area who can help keep one of your most important investments (your cherished vehicle) safe on your adventure.

Don’t go off-roading alone

If you want to take on a road trip in a safe and responsible way, then you will not embark on it alone. This is an especially important rule if you’re going off-roading, because this is no longer just a leisurely drive – it’s a thrilling adventure that comes with its fair share of uncertainties. The best thing you can do is to use the buddy system and go with a person you trust.

This person will not only serve as a great travel companion, but they will also serve a vital role of being your copilot, your navigator, and your aid should anything go awry. Should you find yourself unable to drive back for any reason, for example, this person can take the wheel and get you back home safely.

Take some lessons before you go

Last but not least, don’t go off-roading if you’re only used to driving in the city or the paved roads. Remember, off-roading demands a certain level of skill, including driving competence, composure under pressure, advanced steering and pathfinding, navigation, and plenty of patience. After all, it’s not just about organizing your car for an off-road trip, it’s about developing a very refined driving skill set.

You won’t be able to simply drive over the rugged terrains at cruising speed, you will need to dictate the tempo very carefully, respect your surroundings, and use your wit to traverse the inhospitable environment without a hitch. With that in mind, make sure to practice before you leave, and take some much-needed lessons with a professional, preferably in their car.

Over to you

Off-roading is one of the most thrilling adventures you can take this year, especially if you’re in need of some adrenaline but without mingling with the crowds. Be sure to stay safe while off-roading by following these tips and practicing your driving skills before you go.


Off-Roading Safety: 5 Ways to Keep Yourself and Your Possessions Safe

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