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Unconventional Things You Should Know About Sydney, Australia That You Can’t Learn From Books

From the home of the world’s deepest natural harbour, Sin City or rather Sydney features a blend of attractions, culture and landmarks for locals and tourists alike. In Addition, there are plenty of fun activities to do while in Sydney such as enjoying the tranquillity of Bondi, Coogee or Manly beaches, nightlife and for gaming fanatics,
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However, first-time travellers should know of unconventional things about Sydney that they can’t learn from books. These things include:

There’s extreme sun in Sydney

As you explore and discover the numerous attractions Sydney has to offer, having sunscreen might come in handy. This is because Sydney has a thin earth’s Ozone layer that can expose you to harmful UV rays from the sun. For this reason, you should consider applying a high-factor sunscreen that inhibits harmful UVA and UVB rays from burning your skin.

The food in Sydney is Mouthwatering

Sydney features an array of delicious food thanks to its rich diverse culture. From grilled mushrooms, bruschetta, tapas to mango pancakes, sashimi and much more. Furthermore, there are tons of foods available to satisfy any budget.

Sydney has strict alcohol laws

The city features several alcohol laws that you should adhere to in your visit or stay to avoid being fined. Some of these laws include :

  • * Public beaches, transport and parks are alcohol-free zones

  • * Your last drink should be at 3 AM

  • * Lockouts begin after 1.30 AM

The city’s public transport has major traffic issues

Sydney’s public transport system includes ferries, trains, a light rail and buses. However, if you travel by bus you may encounter traffic congestion, especially during peak hours. For this reason, the city is seeking to build a 66-kilometre metro railway system and 31 metro stations that will help in improving the city’s public transport system. Travellers onboard a ferry can enjoy their trip without worrying about traffic or navigating other means of public transport.

Sydney is an expensive place to Visit

Generally, Australia is one of the most expensive countries to visit across the globe and so is Sydney. Therefore, you should expect to pay a lot for alcohol, transport and accommodation. That's why it’s always advisable to plan your budget accordingly.

It is not necessary to tip at a bar or restaurant

As tipping at a bar or a restaurant in some if not all of the European countries is considered customary, you might not need to do the same in Sydney. This is because Australia’s minimum wage rate is fairly high meaning Australian’s don’t rely heavily on tips unlike people in other countries.


Sydney boasts of numerous beaches, museums, landmarks and much more. For this reason, you might be considering visiting the city to experience all it has to offer. As a result, you should know of the above things before visiting the city to make your visit nothing but memorable.


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Unconventional Things You Should Know About Sydney, Australia That You Can’t Learn From Books

From the home of the world’s deepest natural harbour, Sin City or rather Sydney features a blend of attractions, culture and landmarks for locals an...