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Life Instyle back showcasing the best, unique, premium companies and products

Australia’s top-tier retailer trade show,, is coming back to Sydney offering a premium, curated collection of retail’s best original brands from Australia and around the world.

Taking place at the International Convention Centre (ICC)  from 18th-21st February 2023, co-located with Reed Gift Fairs, Life Instyle is a retail trade show experience that defies tradition through next level creativity, curation and collaboration. The Show brings together a like-minded community of creatives to connect, discover and source from some of the world’s best curated collections of original, well designed and well intentioned products.

The event is back to its usual dates in February, which is ideal for the yearly retail buying cycle. 

The trade show offers something for everyone including First Instyle, which provides a unique opportunity for businesses within their first three years of trade, to launch themselves into the wholesale market.

The Neighbourhood: Future Eden is dedicated to sustainable, ethical and circular companies and their products, as demand for environmentally-friendly products continues to grow amongst consumers.

There are 20 different product categories including fashion, beauty & grooming, art, babies and newborns, books and stationery, food and drink, homewares and much more. And there are products that are Australian-made, eco-friendly, ethically made and handmade available, meaning that anyone looking for unique, on-trend products, will find the perfect items at Life Instyle. 

Life Instyle is the perfect place for not just retailers, but hospitality and hotel chains, pharmacies, florists, interior designers, stylists and more to find unique products to sell or to enhance their offering to guests. 

There are also multiple opportunities for businesses to learn from experts with the ‘Business Couch,’ where people can receive one on one coaching sessions, as well as the Retail Therapy presentations in the co-located Reed Gift Fair. These talks are completely free to anyone who registers. People need to register for Life Instyle or the Reed Gift Fair before they can register for the Retail Therapy sessions - go to this link to register for Life Instyle: link. 

The best part? Tickets are completely complementary upon registering, all you need is a current ABN.  Go to this link to register - link.  As the premium platform for brands and retailers to connect, collaborate and do business, this is the perfect way for Aussie business and retail outlets to start the new year armed with new knowledge, new relationships and a new product offering. 

Check out Life Instyle on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or follow the hashtags #lifeinstyle #lifeinstylesydney.


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Life Instyle back showcasing the best, unique, premium companies and products

Australia’s top-tier retailer trade show,, is coming back to Sydney offering a premium, curated...

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