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Australia’s largest taxi company, 13cabs, is recruiting an army of Baby Boomers and international students to help with a severe shortage of Drivers. 

13cabs Chief Operating Officer, Stuart Overell, said demand for 13cabs was increasing with the easing of COVID restrictions throughout Australia and disillusionment with rideshare companies over cancellations and surge pricing. 

“Demand for our services is definitely there, which is a great position to be in. We are seeing increased demand for our 13cabs app where you can lock in a price guarantee and know the price of the trip before you ride,” he said,

Mr Overell said 13cabs research showed there was a big market for Baby Boomers seeking a part-time job, many of whom had lost their job or were looking for more flexibility since the COVID pandemic.  

“As well, with Australia’s borders opening we are encouraging international students who hold a full driver’s licence to get behind the wheel of a cab,” he said. 

Mr Overell said many of their new passengers were previously rideshare users, who were sick of being charged extra at peak times and having bookings cancelled repeatedly. 

He said those passengers were also sick of not being able to call anyone to talk to an operator about their booking or to retrieve lost property. 

“There is no doubt people are moving to 13cabs, especially in Sydney and Melbourne,” Mr Overell said.  

13cabs is offering special induction sessions for Baby Boomers and international students. The company is also holding a series of Open Days around Australia for people keen to become Drivers over the next few months. 

13cabs has appointed Senior Partner Support Expert, Nick Rigas as a mentor for new recruits in Sydney.

Mr Rigas said: "Our training is comprehensive, and we cover many aspects of being a Driver and running a small business, including customer service, navigation, passenger and Driver safety, use of equipment, and our great Driver Rewards offers. 

Mr Overell said there were several reasons for the need for more professional 13cabs Drivers. 

These included 

1. 13cabs services have grown to include food and grocery deliveries, on top of the increased passenger demand 


2. Passenger disenchantment with foreign owned ride share companies 

3. Passengers wanting a company where they can talk to a real person 

“We need both Baby Boomers and international students to service the growth in demand. Our business was built on the back of new Australians and it’s great to be able to welcome them back“  he said.  

Mr Overell said even though unemployment was at an all-time low, figures showed some age groups are underemployed - meaning although they have a job, they would like to work more hours. 

“Both older workers and young people studying want to work more hours,” he said. 

A 13cabs Sydney Driver can earn around $58* an hour, and work whenever they want to. They are supported 24/7 by a Driver Support Team. 


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Australia’s largest taxi company, 13cabs, is recruiting an army of Baby Boomers and international students to help with a severe shortage of D...

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